Patient’s health and even life always depend on efficient and emergency medical assistance.

Our company provides the highest quality medical services and is recognized in Russia as a leader in private hospital and clinic care. Our team offers organization of emergency medical services of any complexity level.

When we speak of a person’s health and life, we realize that anyone may need an efficient and prompt medical assistance or urgent hospital admission, if required. Your family should better not rely on a public ambulance team, being not often supplied with necessary drugs, equipment or skilled specialists. This does not appear to be a daunting task to reach MISSADENA if you need an ambulance service.

In all urgent cases – please call MISSADENA!

MISSADENA’s medical staff is on call 24/7; anytime, day or night, and fully capable of providing immediate attention with regards to minor or major medical emergencies. If you need urgent medical care, please refer to our alarm-center and a nearest ambulance team will respond to any emergency.

If you feel unwell or notice symptoms of any disease, but you cannot visit a clinic, you can call our doctor and he will visit you at home.

All house-calls are performed by a medical team of our company at your home, your office or a hotel.

Our physicians, nurses, coordinators speak English, French, German, Spanish, Georgian, have experience in Europe and the U.S.A.

These are nice communicative people, who are ready to come to the professional rescue 24/7.

House-calls are accomplished by our highly-qualified multilingual doctors throughout Russia upon your request in the shortest possible time.

We offer:

  • House calls at home, hotel or office for outpatient care.
  • Visits of a multilingual doctor individually or together with a medical emergency team in any point of Russia along the way of tourists’ trip and also medical transportation of the patient.
  • Visits of a multilingual doctor to the medical institutions of Russia and CIS countries (collection of medical history and medical information of present illness from treating doctors, preparation of medical reports and step-by-step monitoring of the patient).

Sometimes a patient’s condition demands special and prompt medical assistance, smart solution of a highly-qualified medical team. In case of an urgent or planned medical evacuation our specialists will take all necessary measures for a rapid transportation of the patient in accordance with international standards of medical service. When time flies, we are committed to essential timing, coherent work and close cooperation with medical facilities and airport services by providing a medical evacuation.

  • Air ambulance transfer.
  • ICU ambulance transportation of any complexity of cases, including the patient’s delivery to the airfield of an airport.
  • Medical (doctor or nurse) escort for critically ill and bedridden patients.
  • Medical escort of the patients located in all cities of Russia and CIS countries   to the specialized medical facilities of Moscow and other cities of Russia and CIS countries.

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