An outpatient care and preventive medicine have always been the main criteria in healthcare at all stages of treatment.

Complex biological and biochemical processes affect a human body which follows a certain genetic code during lifetime. Impact of harmful factors such as stresses and metabolic disorders, alcohol and drug abuses, smoking and sedentary lifestyle, infections and parasites - increases the risks of abnormalities.

To Control These Risks Means to Care For Your Health!

Regular preventive health screening is one of the basic conditions for health preservation. Health is something that is most valued, but least saved by people.

World Health Organization recommends annual full health check-ups for men and women older than 40.

The goal of screening and evaluation is to prevent the onset of disease and worsening of an existing disease. In case of detection of the risk factors that can lead to cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, heart attack and a number of other diseases, a special program of prevention of these diseases is being written in future.

If required, the profound examination during hospital stay is possible using a wide range of laboratory and instrumental tests.

Medical expertise in an outpatient care:

  • Diagnostics using advanced facilities and modern equipment.
  • Consultations of highly-qualified multilingual medical staff in varied fields of medicine.
  • Screening tests for all ages.
  • Vaccination of adults and children, members or staff of your company.
  • Annual preventive medical check-ups for your foreign employees with a visit of our medical staff to your office.
  • Medical assistance in obtaining the work permits.
  • Medical certificates for the swimming pool, for a driving license, etc.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the «Check-Up» program. After the examination, you will be provided with elaborate preventive counseling in an age-appropriate manner.

According to the article 212 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, every employer in Russia has to conduct compulsory periodic health examinations of its employees. These health examinations are carried out at the expense of the employer. As practice shows, the cost of professional medical check-ups yields significant economic benefits. People rarely get sick. However, much more significant is a social factor. It is very important for an employee to see that an employer takes care of his employees’ health, creates a favorable psychological climate in the company and allows a person to work with efficiency.

Our company will help you to arrange a health examination for your employees in medical centers of most cities in Russia. A medical facility can be selected with affordable prices and local preferences in a shortest time and with the highest quality of service.

In addition, for your convenience we can also arrange a mobile medical team with all necessary equipment to come to your office.

MISSADENA will assist you in obtaining a medical certificate required for a job application, permission’.

«To the ones who respect their health, their health responds the same».

Regular screening is one of the main conditions of health preservation. Health is something that people strive to maintain, but guard the least.

When you become our client drawing your close attention to preventive medicine, you will gain a comprehensive medical assistance of any extent in Russia and worldwide and, most notably, it will give you an opportunity to meet highly-qualified multilingual medical staff and diagnostics using advanced facilities and modern equipment.

Contact Us to organize prevention activities, and your Health will tell you THANK YOU!

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