As an internationally trusted and respected medical service provider, MISSADENA offers a range of medical and related services, meeting the highest global standards for expats, foreign dignitaries, hotel guests and casual tourists staying in Russia.

For your members and employees in the shipping navigation our expertise continues to grow in all fields and presently includes:

organization of the high-quality medical assistance for boat tourists of your company;

legalization of your personnel work status and bringing it in line with the standards and requirements of the Russian legislation, which is often necessary for operating in Russia;

recruitment of medical personnel and its timely replacement, after prior approval from your side;

registration of medical staff in our company in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation;

financial and logistical support for equipping medical points located on boats of your company, as well as the systematic replenishment of supplies, drugs and other items;

medical care for the staff of your company (crew, guides, interpreters, etc.);

a 24-hour emergency and ambulance service throughout Russia, including the organization of emergency hospital admission to a private or public medical facility;

a dispatch of highly-qualified multilingual medical staff or ambulance team to any point in Russia, according to the ship itinerary and tourists location;

medical evacuation to Moscow or St. Petersburg by ground ambulance from any area of Russia, including the medically necessary preparation of the patient at place and obtaining all required documents for the transportation;

arrangement of an air ambulance evacuation of critically ill patients by the aircraft or helicopter (e.g. Learjet 35 A, Learjet 45, Falcon-10, Falcon-20, Cessna Citation);

vaccination of members or staff of your company;

delivery of medications for patients on boats;

direct billing for Russian and international insurance and assistance companies for the rendering of emergency or routine medical care;

hotel reservations for patient’s relatives, guides, interpreters, attendants or other accompanying individuals in any Russian city on the boat itinerary. Taxi or bus transfers of patients and accompanying persons from the boat and back;

visa extensions and booking of tickets, as well as all other types of services since clients contact the boat doctor till they catch the plane;

regular monitoring and technical assistance in training of medical staff, renewal of working certificates;

funeral services of all kinds, repatriation of human remains to any destination.


Thus, implementing our obligations for your company, we take care of all medical and non-medical issues and concerns of an individual expat or a tourist that enables us to act as quick and smooth at all stages as well as reduce costs, since services are provided by a full package.

We anticipate our cooperation will be mutually fruitful and long-lasting to both parties and, most important, enable to provide a comfortable living for expats in Russia and unforgettable trip for tourists traveling all around Russia, including waterways.

Our good partnership with operating facilities on the boat itinerary helps to ensure the best possible support to boat-owners and boat-operators to act in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological conditions, including the support during audits from the federal and regional bodies of Russian Federal Service for Customers Rights Protection.

As per your request, we are ready to work in a "single-desk" mode, i.e. our company assumes responsibility for all logistical and financial issues described above. We are technically, administratively and operationally ready to submit relevant reports to your representatives within 24 hours after application.

We are always ready to discuss the details of the services provided, make adjustments to them in accordance with your wishes and preferences.

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