As an internationally trusted and respected medical service provider, MISSADENA offers a range of medical and related services, meeting the highest global standards for expats, foreign dignitaries, hotel guests and casual tourists staying in Russia and CIS countries (Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus et other neighboring countries)

An individual approach, reliable­ providers network, close attention to any detail

and high quality of rendered services are our main criteria.

The specialists of our team are highly-skilled professionals, who have got serious training in the leading international insurance and assistance companies.

We offer our clients personal smart solutions which are available in real-time, around the clock, around the world.

With quality of care and service as the main criteria, MISSADENA excels in meeting all client expectations.

In case when you need an outpatient care, our Company can organize for you the consultations of qualified specialists working in the best clinics of Russia and abroad.

Ambulatory care is provided in the following areas:

  • Pediatrics, ENT pathology, Surgery, Traumatology, Gynaecology, Urology, Dentistry, maxillo-facial Surgery, Oncology, Neurology and Neurosurgery, treatment of diseases of cardio-vascular and heart pathologies, heart Surgery, Psychiatry, treatment of infertility, pregnancy monitoring, assistance during childbirth, plastic surgery, etc


  • It is important to note that we are involved in the regulation of your medical costs (negotiation with international organizations or insurance and service companies on the issue of settlement by way of compensation for the provision of health care), which greatly facilitates the whole process of payment settlement and can save your time and your money.

In our everyday life it often occurs that people cannot always make the right choice of an appropriate medical facility, where the most valuable property they possess – health – will be in safe hands, when emergency or planned hospital admission is required.

Being a results-driven company, we are committed to treatment success, medical necessity, essential timing and protection for all patients.

If you apply for our medical assistance, you will keep yourself away from a false choice of a medical facility, excessive medical expenses and time wasting because our medical staff, comprising a team of highly-qualified specialists in varied fields of medicine, is fully capable of providing immediate attention with regards to minor or major medical emergencies. When you find yourself in times of trouble, MISSADENA comes to you, assesses your risks and always protects you, including legal support.

MISSADENA offers you the following assistance in an in-patient care:

  • Right choice of an appropriate medical facility.
  • Ambulance transfers to a medical facility.
  • Comfortable in-patient accommodation.
  • Medical support and supervision during the entire period of hospital admission.
  • Registration and keeping of medical documentation.
  • Medical assessment of in-patient services.
  • Rehabilitation treatment after discharge.

We provide the highest quality medical services and are recognized in Russia as a leader in private hospital and clinic care within these medical fields:

Internal Diseases, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Endocrinology, ENT-department, Immunology and Allergology, Neurology, Gynecology, Urology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Metabolic Disturbances, Intensive Care, General Surgery, Traumatology and Orthopedy, Endocrinological Surgery, Maxillo-facial Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Dentistry.

In the process of payment and cost containment of your medical expenses MISSADENA always provides you a significant support .

We are in dialogue with international insurance companies, and/or with assistance companies on the matter of harmonization of the prices and the realization of payments by bank transfers (not involving the patient into the payment process at all).

MISSADENA’s medical staff is on call 24/7; anytime, day or night.

We offer support throughout the period of hospitalization in Russia and abroad and provide the services of qualified medical professional coordinators and interpreters for the entire period of treatment.

We gather medical history and information on present illness from the doctors of a medical institution, we prepare medical reports and organize round-the-clock monitoring of the patient.. We provide assistance services both for patients and for their companions when it is necessary.

Being assured that the patient is safely admitted to a medical facility, we still control the process of treatment and monitor the conditions of in-patient stay and quality of care provided to the patient in a hospital.

Our team will help You with Medical Transportation from any location by a ground ambulance, by a scheduled flight with medical Escort, by a helicopter or an air ambulance.

We offer our Assistance in the entire spectrum of services for medical support, including a ground ambulance attendance during cultural, sports and corporative events.

The motto of the twenty-first-century medicine is «Patients without borders!»
Nowadays, the concept of healthcare has changed significantly. Today you do have all the opportunities to select a country, a doctor and a clinic that can offer you the most timely and proper examination and treatment at more affordable costs, from check-ups to complex operations and rehabilitation. Our company takes care of all aspects of your overseas traveling, including an optimal choice of clinics, counseling, medical assistance, translation of documents, visa support, taxi transfers and supervision at all stages of your medical tour.

Main areas of medical tourism:

  • Oncology. Early diagnostics and treatment of tumors, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other techniques.
  • Gynecology and obstetrics. IVF (In vitro fertilization).
  • Surgery and orthopedics.
  • Cardiosurgery and neurosurgery.
  • Medical tourism for children.
  • Dentistry.
  • Dermatology and plastic surgery.

We connect our clients with established, trusted medical facilities in Germany (Bavaria), Switzerland, Austria, France, Israel, Bulgaria, South Korea, Hungary (Budapest), the USA and Canada. Our clients are individuals as well as smaller companies and larger corporations.

MISSADENA’s medical staff are on call 24/7 that makes you feel comfortable and protected from any possible risks and pitfalls all over the world.

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