As an internationally trusted and respected medical service provider, MISSADENA offers a range of medical and related healthcare services, meeting the highest global standards for your members, expats, foreign dignitaries, hotel guests and casual tourists staying in Russia and around the world.

Our managers will assist you in all medical and related fields.

Our team united the members and the masters.

Each our client is Unique! With us You will never feel lonely and abandoned.

We appreciate your Personality, we save your time, your money, and we offer you care not only for health but also for your psychological comfort!

Being away from home, being in a foreign country, on a business trip or traveling with children, You can feel completely safe and comfortable, knowing that being competent and attentive, our specialists are ready to solve all medical and related issues and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide informational support for You and those who are worried about you in any country of the world.

All you need to do is call our call center and report the problem.

We'll do the rest!

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